Author’s Note: Two Apologies

I’ve got two things to apologize for.

First, I apologize for the rather insensitive use of the post-crash photo of Peter Lenz. That article is far from my best, and one of the many errors I made was to assume that the image link would show up instead of the image itself. Therefore, I blurred the image and reposted it.

Second, I apologize for lack of material. I blog on another site (known as racing reference, which is a site for collecting race results, though it does have a blog section) and repost my blogs here, but haven’t done much beyond a Top 50 list that I will repost here upon its completion. The upside to this all is that any errors I made on racing reference, which does not allow you to edit your blogs once you’ve posted them, can be fixed here.

I will hopefully finish the list and repost the whole thing in early January. Until then, I’ll see you guys round.


Author: Seibaru

My name is Tyler, though I usually write under the name of Seibaru. I'm a young writer out of New Jersey.

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